November 6th, 201...

I strongly oppose any sales or property tax increase proposals in the city of Orange and will vigorously fight the State of California from making Orange a heroin needle exchange city.

I was born and raised here in Orange and it’s been my honor to serve as your Mayor Pro Tem and Councilman. I brought forward eight balanced budgets while increasing our Police and Fire Department staffing.

I kept my promise to fight tax and fee increases while working to bring additional parks, community events, and programs for seniors. I will use my experience to lead Orange and continue to fight for a safe and financially secure city.

My 25 years of service with the Orange County Fire Authority gives me experience that cannot be matched in public safety. My goal is to make Orange the safest city in California and never tolerate another crisis like the Santa Ana River homeless encampments.

My vision for Orange combined with past service has earned endorsements from the Orange Taxpayers Association and hundreds of residents in Orange.

Keep Orange the best city to live, work and raise a family.

Please vote Jon Dumitru for City Council or 714-420-9969