Protecting our past

We have so much history in the City of Orange from the days of the Gabrielios to Juan Pablo Grijalva and his homestead to the days of all the land being run by the Yorba and Peralta families as the Rancho Santiago de Santa Ana to our city being founded by the team of Chapman and Glassell.

We as city have always placed a heavy preservationist attitude to the Old Towne area of the City of Orange and our beloved Plaza which is very much needed.

But we must also protect other areas of Orange as well from the open spaces of East Orange and El Modena to north Orange and the Eichler Homes and the Orange Barrio.

Take for example the Barrio this was very historic area not only for the city but for our nation. You may have heard of Brown vs. the Board of Education but right here in our own city was the ground swell to desegregation of the schools and that was Mendez vs. Westminster School District of Orange County. This all started right here in Orange in the Cypress Street Barrio. Also in the Barrio long before our May Festival was the La Jamaica festival and like much of Orange the barrio and El Modena communities gave greatly in blood by laying down their lives in defense of our great nation and are true patriots of a grateful nation.

We must remember to preserve all our history in Orange and not pick and choose what looks good!

So if elected to the Orange City Council I will continue the protections of all our history and will work hand in hand with the Orange Unified School District to develop a local history month to educate the youth of our wonderful City.